Environment sector: an opportunity for investors

Everyone knows that China has big problems of pollution, as well in the air as in the water. Thus Beijing has reached record highs in the peaks of air pollution, which has seen well this year in the international media.

Another example a little crazy is the story of the thousands of pigs found in the Huangpu, or the drowned ducks, all this happened this year.

The government is concerned about these problems because the international scene is constantly pointing to China for its pollution problems. However, the authorities had displaced many factories during the preparation of the Beijing Games in 2008, or the Shanghai World Expo in 2010. But that was clearly not enough.

However, although this sector is conducive to foreigners, care must be taken because there are many connections to government in the community that can cause problems.

Investing in health sector in China

The Chinese population is aging, but also becoming richer. China is therefore seeking to improve its health systems. Health is therefore a promising sector for business in China. However, this area has some problems, notably in regulation, which lead to some corruption in the environment.

Moreover, the evolution of the health system must also adapt to the changing society. Not only is the population aging, it is also urbanized. Thus, up to 80% of government expenditure on health is directed to urban populations. However, it is exaggerated because, although urbanized, another 55% of the Chinese population lives in the countryside, which poses a problem for rural populations to access healthcare.

In any case, people’s health spending should almost double by 2025, from 9% of a Chinese’s budget in 2009 to 16% in 2025. This represents very good opportunities for the business.

As far as business is concerned, it is important, when embarking on the health sector, not to forget that some Chinese companies are competitors not to denigrate. Indeed traditional Chinese medicine returning to fashion, is still very important in some families, the Chinese do not always trust the foreign health systems.

Mobile development is the KEY for 2017/2018

With a growing number of people having access to the Internet via smartphones and tablets, it is now essential to offer a mobile friendly version for its e-commerce site, today 71% of e-consumers make their purchases On a mobile platform.

In addition, investing in a mobile version will allow you to learn more about your prospects and consumers with the geo location service.

Half of Internet users use a mobile phone, according to data published by GSMA Intelligence.

We can see that buying behavior is different than on PC, mobile purchase is more impulsive, so it is important to offer an ergonomic and attractive mobile version.